Episode 81: The Single Ladies of Minas Tirith

Caitlin, Rachel and Emmy are excited to be back with The Return of the King, Book 5, Chapter 1, Minas Tirith! We meet back up with Gandalf and Pippin, and proceed into the Kingdom of Gondor, and learn just how little Pippin has been paying attention to…well…everything.


  • Gandalf – Wizard, herald of bad tidings
  • Pippin – A hobbit, all alone in the big city
  • Shadowfax – the best of horses


  • Denethor – The Steward of Gondor
  • Boromir & Faramir – His two sons, not actually appearing in this chapter


  • Ingold – a guardsman of Gondor, border control division
  • Beregond – guardsman of Minas Tirith, 3rd division, has all of Gandalf’s badass lines from the movie
  • Bergil – Beregond’s 10 year old son, a tour guide. 
  • Imrahil of Dol Amrath – Boromir and Faramir’s unlcle, on their mother’s side.

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Drunk Tolkien 4: Mathematics and Gollum

We finally found time to get drunk together! Please join Caitlin, Rachel, and Emmy as we eat some brunch, drink some drinks, and listen to Gollum impressions, and answer twitter’s most ridiculous middle earth related questions, like “Why does Pippin always look up when he gets an apple?”

  • Math and alcohol and albatrosses. Obviously
  • Hobbit children are ent wives and we have the science to prove it.
  • Caitlin obviously meant Rangers of the SOUTH every single time she said Rangers of the NORTH
  • Richard Armitage should just play everyone, ever. Thank you.

A big thank you to the following folks for their Gollum impressions. We enjoyed each one immensely and laughed a lot.

Matthew from Eloquent Gushing

Alan from Hallowed Ground Media (He and Caitlin do a podcast together about the His Dark Materials series, you should check it out!)

Paul from Way Too Seriously and Clockworks Academy

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