This week on So, You Want to Read Tolkien, we discuss Chapter One of Quenta Silmarillion: Of the Beginning of Days.

  • Melkor and the true meaning of Christmas
  • Tulkas and his laughter
  • The Lamps go up, the Lamps come down.
  • Trees!
  • First mention of the Silmarils
  • Elves and Humans are coming…some time.

Here is some fabulous art of the Valar and here is a brief description of the ones mentioned in this chapter:

    • Melkor – The Dark Enemy, Morgoth
    • Manwë – Lord of wind and air, King of the Valar
    • Ulmo – Sea King
    • Aulë – Master of crafts and earth and all that is underneath
    • Oromë – Lord of Forests
    • Mandos – Lord of Death and judgement
    • Tulkas – Lord of Strenth (and wrestling)
    • Varda – Lady of the Stars
    • Yavanna – Giver of Fruits


I found the maps in my Atlas of Middle Earth that I used as a reference, they might help:

All of Creation