ON this weeks episode Caitlin, Rachel and Emmy discuss Chapter 5: Of Feanor and the Unchaining of Melkor, and Chapter 6: Of the Silmarils and the Unrest of the Noldor, in their Silmarillion discussion.


  • Finwë – Ambassador/King of the Noldor/Fëanor’s Father
  • Miriel – Married to Finwë, Mother of Fëanor, First elf to ever die.
  • Fëanor – Son of Miriel and Finwe. Creates the Silmarils. Has a bitter hatred of Melkor.
  • Nerdanel – Fëanor’s wife.
  • Mahtan – Nerdanel’s father, teaches Fëanor about crafting metal and stone.
  • Indis – Finwë’s second wife and mother of Fingolfin and Finarfin.
  • Fingolfin/Finarfin – Fëanor’s half brothers.

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