On this week’s episode Caitlin, Rachel, and Emmy discuss Chapter 8: The Darkening of Valinor


  • Finwë – Ambassador/King of the Noldor/Fëanor’s Father
  • Fëanor – Son of Miriel and Finwe. Creates the Silmarils. Has a bitter hatred of Melkor.
  • Fingolfin/Finarfin – Fëanor’s half brothers.
  • Manwë – King of the Valar
  • Varda – Queen of the Valar, Lady of Stars
  • Melkor – Evil Dude. AKA Morgoth
  • Oromë – Lord of Forests. He was the Valar who first discovered the elves had come into the world and brought them to Valinor.
  • House of Finwë – For reference, but also spoilers because it goes a couple generations farther than who we’ve met.

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