This week we discuss Chapter 20:Of the Fifth Battle: Nirnaeth Arnoediad.


Three main camps:

Maedhros – son of Fëanor

  • Naugrim – dwarves
  • Newer arrived men to Beleriand – known as Easterlings
  • Men of Bór
  • Men of Ulfang – fuck you Uldor the accursed

Fingon – son of Fingolfin

  • A bunch of people in Hithlum? The men of Hador?
  • People of Haleth (Halmir died, pesky menfolk, son Haldir took over)
  • Húrin and Huor – important men? Married important women? Once went to Gondolin?
  • Gwindor – basically the only dude from Nargothrond who came, his brother Gelmir had been captured by Morgoth previously
  • Turgon – also son of Fingolfin, Fingon’s brother
  • Maeglin – the douche, mostly just happens to be here this chapter but I assume will be important again


Orcs, wolves, Balrogs (with Gothmog), and dragons (with Glaurung)

Tangential characters:

  • Thingol and Melian – Thingol now has a Silmaril in his secret forest, still doesn’t listen to Melian
  • Beren and Lúthien – live out the rest of their lives happily on an island. Good for them.
  • Círdan – ship dude

The Site I stole my notes on the battle from. 

A Map of how the battle went

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