This week Caitlin, Rachel, and Emily discuss the final chapter in the Quenta Silmarillion.


Eärendil – son of Idril and Tuor, ruled Sirion and married Elwing

Elwing – daughter of Dior, Earendil’s wife, currently holding the silmaril at the start of this chapter

Elrond – their son

Elros – their other, less famous son

Cirdan – the Shipwright, helps Earendil build the Vingilot.


Remaining sons of Fëanor:

Maedhros and  Maglor survive the third kinslaying in this chapter.

Ulmo–our Valar of the sea.

Eonwë – herald of Manwë

Manwë – king of the Valar

Morgoth – Big Bad

Thorondor – the king of the giant eagles

Types of Elves/Men/Beings

Valar – first beings in Aun, essentially the gods here

Noldor – Elves who were ruled by Finwe, Feanor’s original people

Vanyar – High elves, the very first clan of elves and also the smallest

Teleri – Led by Elwe and Olwe, elves with ships by the sea

Edain – Men who came from Hildorien


Things with Names

Vingilot – the ship Earendil tried to sail to Valinor in (and other places, but like, most important is that one)

Next week’s homework; the Akallabêth

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