This week Caitlin, Rachel, and Emily discuss the final three chapters of the The Hobbit.

Characters – The Clouds Burst and the Return Journey

Bilbo – A Hobbit. Better than everyone.

Gandalf – Our favourite wizard

Bard – Dragonslayer, descendant of Girion.

The Elvenking – Leader of the Mirkwood Elves.

The Arkenstone – it’s basically a character at this point.

All. The. Dwarves. All of them.

Dain – Thorin’s cousin.

The Eagles – where did they come from? why are they hear? No one knows.

Beorn – bear-man.

Characters – The Last Stage

Bilbo – best hobbit.

Gandalf – Pretty cool wizard.

Elrond – of Rivendell

Sackville-Bagginses – Crooks.

Balin –  a dwarf of Thorin’s company.

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