This week we discuss Fellowship of the Ring, Book 2, Chapter 1, Many Meetings


  • Frodo – our main hobbit
  • Sam, Merry, and Pippin – friends of main hobbit
  • Surprise Bilbo! – The main hobbit from the previous book…the Hobbit.
  • Gandalf – a return of our missing wizard. Still cagey about where’s he been.
  • Aragorn/Strider/Dunadan – Strider collects more names
  • Gloin – a dwarf that we, and Frodo, recognize from Bilbo’s adventures
  • Elrond – A very powerful elf
  • Arwen – Elrond’s daughter
  • Glorfindel – a literal magical girl.

No travel in this chapter! The party is at Rivendell.

Intro/outro music: The Forest and the Trees Kevin MacLeod (
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