This week we talk about Fellowship of the Ring Book 2, Chapter 3 The Ring Goes South. AND we do it in less than two months.


The Fellowship:

  • Frodo – The bearer of the ring, the only person obligated to go all the way to Mordor
  • Sam – Can’t leave his master behind, so of course he’s going
  • Merry – Yeah, they’d rather not go, but if Frodo has to, they they do too. Aw, friendship!
  • Pippin – “There must be someone with intelligence in the party”
  • Gandalf – The actual intelligent person who’s going along.
  • Legolas – The representative of elves, selected by Elrond
  • Gimli – The representative of dwarves, selected by Elrond
  • Aragorn – Representative of men, bearer of the reforged sword Anduril, going with.
  • Boromir – going along with the party until he and Aragorn will split off for Gondor
  • And Bill the pony! Who finally gets named…….. For the evil dude in Bree

Other characters:

  • Elrond – Lord of Rivendell, helps put together the party
  • Bilbo – Left to finish his book in Rivendell and hope he gets to see Frodo again
  • Brief appearance by Elladan and Elrohir, Elrond’s sons, who go out scouting the land
  • Caradhras – a mountain

The Journey

The Fellowship in full heads south from Rivendell, along the Misty Mountains, and tries to pass over them, but is turned back by the angry Caradhras.

Follow the red line on this map.

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