This week Caitlin, Rachel, and Emmy discuss Fellowship of the Ring, Book 2 Chapter 4, Journey in the Dark.

The Fellowship:

  • Gandalf – Has been to Moria before, wants to take the road through Moria
  • Aragorn – Has also been to Moria before, wanted to avoid it if at all possible
  • Gimli – Wants to go to Moria because Dwarf home!
  • Legolas – Really does not want to go to Moria, because he’s a woodland elf
  • Boromir – Thinks they should just go south on this side of the mountains
  • Sam, Merry, Pippin – Way too excited by the idea of going back to Rivendell
  • Frodo – Reluctantly agrees they must go to Moria, because they cannot turn back yet
  • Bill – The best pony, just along for the ride


  • Some super creepy wolves
  • A weird tentacle monster
  • And the sound of faint footsteps following behind our party…


Figures of legend:

  • Durin – father of the dwarves, founder of Khazad-dûm
  • Celebrimbor – grandson of Feanor, last in his line. He made a lot of cool things back in the day, including the three elvish rings, but… Sauron happened

The Journey

The Fellowship in full heads into Moria to make their way directly through the Misty Mountains, instead of taking a pass through the range. .

Follow the red line on this map.

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