Episode 19: The Family Tree of Trees

Join Caitlin, Rachel, and Emmy for this week’s discussion of the Akallabêth.


Not all of them, as they aren’t all important, but here’s some of the main players

Morgoth/Melkor: has been banished to the void.

Sauron: was grounded by daddy so built an evil empire in Mordor

Edain: the “good” men, leading to the Dúnedain / Númenórians / Kings among Men

Elros: “descended from the Three Houses of the Edain, but in part also from the Eldar and the Maiar” rules the Dúnedain for 410 years (lives for 500 years)

Various Kings of Numenor:

Iluvatar (aka Eru): he started this whole thing off, and now by god he’s gonna finish it. He’s the highest of all deities, from whom the Valar and all creation sprung. Emmy hates him. HAAAATES

Manwë: lord of the Valar and of the eagles, who have seen Too Much Shit. Rachel hates him.

Nimloth: the White Tree, a seedling of Celeborn (the tree, not the dude), which was descended of Galathilion the Tree of Túna, which was made in the image of Telperion

Map of Numenor

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