Episode 64: Háma For President 2020

This week Caitlin, Rachel, and Emmy discuss The Two Towers, Book Three, Chapter 6; The King of the Golden Hall.

Apologies about the audio issue with this weeks episode!


  • Gandalf – Stormcrow, The White Rider
  • Aragorn – Heir of Elendil
  • Gimli – a dwarf
  • Legolas – an elf
  • Théoden – King of the Golden Hall (and, you know, Rohan)
  • Háma – a good good doorwarden and errand boy of Meduseld
  • Grima Wormtongue – sleezeball
  • Éomer – Theoden’s Sister-son
  • Éowyn – Theoden’s Sister-daughter


Here is a map of the area of Rohan and Isengard and fangorn so we can see where all of our main players are currently in relation to one another.


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