Episode 13 – The Goodest of Good Boys

This week we discuss Chapter 19: Of Beren and Luthien. It’s the happy chapter.


Barahir – descendant of Beor, did a good for Finrod
Beren – Barahir’s son, and a Disney Princess
Gorlim – one of Barahir’s band of outlaws

Thingol – king of the Sindar, in the blocked off forest of Doriath
Melian – maia, married to Thingol for some reason, no one ever listens to her
Lúthien – Thingol & Melian’s daughter, also a Disney Princess

Daeron – an entitled dudebro minstrel, has a crush on Lúthien

Finrod – king of the Noldor, was saved by Barahir so kinda owes his family
Celegorm and Curufin – sons of Feanor, a couple of assholes. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, etc. Currently living with Finrod.
Huan. A gift to Celegorm from Oromë, vala of hunting shit.
Orodreth – Finrod’s brother, gets put in charge when Finrod leaves

Morgoth – big bad dude, has the Silmarils in his crown?
Sauron – second big bad, Lord of the Fucking Werewolves!!!
Draugluin – lord and sire of the werewolves!!!
Carcharoth, THE RED MAW, ANFAUGLIR, THE JAWS OF THIRST – werewolf literally hand-fed
by Morgoth, aka Morgoth’s lap-dog. Except he’s guarding the gate.

Mandos – speaker of Doom, vala of the halls of the dead

Thorondor – Lord of Eagles

A map of Beren and Luthien’s journey

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