Episode 15: Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim

This week on So, You Want to Read Tolkien, Caitlin, Rachel, and Emmy discuss Chapter 22 of the Silmarillion, “Of Turin Turambar.”


Rian – Wife of Huor, mother of Tuor.
Morwen – Wife of Hurin, mother of Turin, Nienor, and the short lived Lalaith.

Túrin – the main character
Nienor – his sister.

Beleg Strongbow, called Cúthalion – elf of Doriath, really really loves Túrin.

Thingol and Melian – elf and maia rulers of Doriath.

Mablung – elf captain of Doriath, also friend of Túrin

Mîm – a petty-dwarf.

Gwindor – the elf from Nargothrond who had tried to avenge his brother in the last one and got taken by Morgoth. Now he’s super duper wrecked after being forced into hard labor.

Orodreth – now-king of Nargothrond (Finrod was his brother)

Finduilas – Orodreth’s daughter, yet another super duper unbelievably pretty elf who serves no purpose other than to be a love interest
Three guesses who she falls in love with “against her will”?

Morgoth – still evil
Glaurung – still a dragon, way more manipulative than fire-breathy in this one


Here is a map show casing the travels of Túrin and Nienor.

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